What Is Political Sociology, When Politics Is Everywhere?

An Invitation to a New Journal


  • Jeremias Herberg Institute for Science in Society (ISiS), Radboud University Nijmegen, Heyendaalseweg 135, 6525AJ Nijmegen and Center for Environmental Management, Resources and Energy, Ruhr-University Bochum, Universitätsstraße 150 44801 Bochum
  • Martin Seeliger Institutional Change in Work, Employment and Society (Head of Department), University of Bremen Room: W 2120 FVG / Wiener Str. 9 28359 Bremen, Germany
  • Kolja Möller Institute of Political Science, Von-Gerber-Bau, Raum 302 Bergstraße 53 01069 Dresden, Germany




Political sociology, the political, democracy, interdisciplinarity


It has become commonplace (although never without risks!) to state that something is political. However, the conceptual and empirical solidity of this claim has become increasingly challenging due to the formulation of increasingly complex concepts and research methodologies. The notion of the political has itself become subject to political disagreement. Can political sociology keep up with the politicisation of everything, and the manifold approaches that are emerging to understand such a world? Can the field retain its capacity to bring together diverse views and issues? With the Journal of Political Sociology (JPS) we want to establish a home for the study of the political in all its forms.




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